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With a beautiful sunrise and temperature of -6 we are off for beautiful fall bumble. I was so thrilled to get a phone call from Amy and Brian a couple we met on our Newfoundland trip saying they were going to be staying at Crabbe Mountain Inn. We made plans to meet at the Millville Warming Hut, did introductions to the other 16 people in our group and set out for a day of adventures. Friends of Amy and Brian’s, Vince and Kim came along as well (22 people in our group today)

We bumbled to Balancing Rock where we had lunch. And what a lunch it was, everything from Brian Mc.’s goulash to Judy’s garlic bread. No one left hungry that was for sure. We had the company of 2 curious Canada Jays that thought we had a pretty good looking lunch and not shy to sit in the palm of our hands to enjoy a feast. With bellies full we bumbled on to Chimney Rock which is a glacial rock formation. This is such a beautiful spot. It is a large column of rock that broke away from the wall of a small ravine and looks like a chimney. If one wants to be adventurous there is a ladder to climb down into the ravine.. The moss growing on the rocks is so luscious and green.  Even with the leaves gone from the trees the trails are beautiful and so peaceful. While in the area we bumble to the Airplane crash site which took place about 13 miles east of Hartland in 1958. The pilot was spraying out of the Juniper airstrip but crashed and burned with the plane. It was a bit of a wet walk in as the trail is just like a bog so one needs to watch their footing. Don’t step off the path as you may find yourself knee deep in mud….yours truly found that out on a past trip into the crash site so had learned a lesson then. After this we bumbled to Ayres Lake Lookout. Our friends from Mirimachi loved the lookout even though the fall colors were pretty much gone.

We leave Ayres Lake and bumble back towards Carr Siding. We load up and talk over the day’s events with the Mirimachi group. It was such an awesome and enjoyable day. They could not thank our group enough for including them in our bumble. They loved the trails. There was just not enough time in the day to show them everything we wanted to. They still have a bit of a journey back to the Inn and it is starting to get dark so off they go. “We will be back next year!” I hear Amy shout back to us.

Until we meet again on the trails. MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR