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BEAUTIFUL BUMBLES One thing I have learned over the past few years that bumbling is not just getting out into the woods and experiencing the peace, tranquility, wildlife and wild flowers with the changing seasons but also the camaraderie of friends. It is a sport that has renewed old friendships but also made new ones. Posting my experiences on Facebook and in the River Valley Sun Newspaper has sparked the attention of people from all walks of life. A few weeks ago a lady reached out on Facebook wanting to bumble to the Mason Camps. I in return tagged Don and the planning began. I would plan the bumble and Don would lead the group. Making contact with Tracey who was overwhelmed that her bumble dream was in the making we planned on meeting her and her crew in Canterbury. On arrival Tracey, Farmer Denny, Denver (aka Dumpster that I mistakenly called him), Julie, Nichelle and Shelly-oh I must not forget Magnum -to our meeting spot. Tracey was surprised to see the number of Atver’s greeting them. We had 12 ATV’s, 26 people and 2 dogs.
Leaving Canterbury we followed Trail 25 to the Grant Settlement Road then the Fawn Lake Road crossing over Trail 25 onto the trail to Sixth Lake. Needless to say there was lots of water and mud. Seems everyone was hungry so we enjoyed lunch at Sixth Lake. “Smell those hotdogs and sausages cooking”. Time to hit the trail again to Mason Camps. Water, mud, rocks and tree roots made it an interesting Flintstone trail into the camps. When we arrived we noticed Private property so we took a quick break (not sure if Leanda and Vicki were thrilled with a couple of my ghost stories). I did hear a couple comments “Do we have to go back out over that trail we just came through”? Deep down I think they enjoyed it. After all it is four wheeling! Moving on to Gary’s Dinner Hole we spent some time here relaxing and enjoying each other’s company. What better way to enjoy the day! I tried to find the snakes that make their home in the wood pile .Most of the group were happy I didn’t find them. On the return back to Canterbury we stopped at Bolton Lake and then onto Dead Creek. Returning to Canterbury everyone loaded up and talked about an enjoyable day we had. HAPPY TRAILS