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“Bumbling along in my ATV, That is where I want to be!” Well folks 4 weeks until the season opens for another year and I will be in my “HAPPY PLACE”. Last year was a great one and I expect 2023 will be no exception. It was a year of finding new trails and a few “hidden gems” and making new friends. I have a few adventures up my sleeve. I have heard there is a new pizza place opened up in McAdam and there are a few trails we did not get to last season. Once the season opens there will be the usual clean up to the trails-blown down trees and repairs caused by washouts. Our last bumble in November took us to one of my favorite places –Sixth Lake for lunch. It was a small group with a day of laughing and storytelling and of course food and maybe some water and mud. Temperature was around 18 degrees and sunny. The trails were dismal looking carpeted with the leaves from the trees but the crisp fresh air made up for it. We bumbled along the rail bed stopping now and again to stretch our legs and have a chat-always a laugh or two from Donnie A and maybe Gary L seen cleaning his windshield if he is not chasing a bird with his camera. So relaxing sitting around the picnic area at Sixth Lake with friends and having lunch…ohhh smell those hotdogs and onions! Thank you Elizabeth for the nice steaming hot cup of tea and of course there are always the chocolate macaroons that were made fresh that morning from yours truly to go with it. Unfortunately we cannot sit here all day so it is cleanup time and we head for Cranberry Lookout. The view is awesome. We see miles of trees, dead waters, Kilburn Lake, Fifth Lake and Sixth Lake. Around us are huge boulders. The guys have their binoculars out trying to pin point landmarks in the distance. Leaving Cranberry lookout we bumble back to the main trail and on toward the trail bed. Days are getting shorter and it cools off quicker and as we arrive back to our starting point the sun is setting. I know I will sleep well tonight after a nine hour day and 155km.Hoping to see you all on the trails this spring. God Bless and HAPPY TRAILS.