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Board of Director Meeting
March 28, 2022
Zoom Meeting

 Call To Order: John Lawrence
 Quorum Met
 Minutes of last meeting: Donna Carson
 Donna submitted the February 23, 2022 minutes to the executive for
approval, Brian seconded. Motion carried.
 Old Business Items:
 Sear ch and Rescue: John L. reported that the Search and Rescue team
regarding our club partnering with them to assist with emergencies had
approached him. They want to have a meeting with the new RCMP liaison
until they meet with us.
 Treasurer Report: Linda McHatten
Linda moved and John C seconded to approve the treasurer report for Savings and
Chequing. Motion carried.
 Vendor Update –
 Linda reported that she did a complete check in with all vendors and
collected 2021 left over passes. She will do one more check in before the
deadline date.
 Valley Chain Saw has become a new vendor.
 Total trail passes sold for our club in 2021 was 466 members.
 Linda is also working on year-end report for the federation.
 Web Site Update: Donna Carson
 A training session was held with Ryan our web designer, Linda and Debra.
The integration of our Facebook and web site is a work in progress. This
integration will promote our club’s FaceBook updates over to our web site
(ie upcoming Bumbles; wash out notices, etc).
 Committee Report: Donna Carson
 Go forward planning strategy for June rally
o Sponsors: Four sponsors secured: TCTire; Dave’s Sport; Debec
General Store; Brennan’s HH.
o Posters: Distributed by Linda and team; posted on our web site;
emails and poster sent to all provincial clubs; federation is
translating our poster before they can post on QuadNBsite.
o Prizes: Cathy working hard at securing prizes and she and Linda are
coordinating shout outs on our Facebook page as they come in.
o Next Committee Meeting: mid April 14th, 2022.

 Trail Report: Brian McHatten – no update
 2022 Status Quo Focus:
o Union Corner New trail – Carpenter’s will bulldoze the designated road
across their property by Spring 2022
o Pembroke – McKenna Road major washout – pending government repair
June 2022
o Grading – grading of (1) Benton to Canterbury and (2) Lindsay to
Centerville – Spring 2022
o Bull Cr eek Bridge (Cecil Gr ant) – will wait for Spring 2022 to go back and
remove remains of an old beaver dam.
o Signage: – new signs have arrived and club very happy with product and
o Posts: We need new wooden posts. John C will check with our regular
supplier on availability. We will order 100 posts in total which will give the
trail team some extras for the upcoming season. Brian said he has enough
o Chain Saws: Brian took our chain saws in for servicing and ready for the
 Correspondence:
 AGM Notice: Saturday, April 23, 2022, Hyatt Place Hotel, Moncton.
Brian and John L will be representing our club.
 QuadNB Boar d of Directors Meeting Highlights:
­ Training-81 ATV courses = 390 people, biggest year ever. 8
side by side courses = 41 people, again, biggest year ever.
National Safety week is June 4th-12th. “Anew experience in
every outing”. Just happens to overlap with the Ride Free
Weekend on the 4-5th. Fleet of bikes and trailers has been
updated to better meet training demands.
­ 31,096 trail permits were sold for 2021 compared to 24,790
for 2020. That is approximately 25% increase. That means
that we have finally tipped past the 50% mark for registered
bikes in the province that belong to the federation. Year to
date permits are three weeks ahead.
­ Maine/ NB ATV agreement still a work in progress. More to
­ QuadNB/ all of the clubs were praised by Government for the
positive health benefits during the pandemic.
 New Business: John Lawrence
 Club mileage allowance adjustment – A discussion was had
regarding the need to increase the allowance which is currently
$.45/ km. A motion was made by Brian, seconded by John C to
increase our club reimbursement to .55/ km. Motion carried.
 Discussion was to move our monthly meeting from the last
Wednesday of the month to the last Tuesday of the month. John
L made the motion, seconded by Brian seconded to move to the
last Tuesday of each month. Motion carried.
 Board of Directors will schedule a special meeting to discuss the
o annual bi-law review before the next monthly meeting.
o moving forward with proposed elections for both the
Treasurer and Vice-President positions
o due process for conducting regular treasurer audits.
 Next Meeting:, Tuesday, April 26, 2022 – Y’s Men club – 7:00 pm
 Meeting Adjourned: John L moved meeting adjourned