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Call To Order: John Lawrence

Quorum Met: Zoom meeting with 11 in attendance

Minutes of last meeting: Donna Carson
• Donna submitted the January 26, 2022 minutes to the executive for
approval, Brian seconded. Motion carried.

Old Business Items:

• Trail Head – The Trail Head location is to support Quad riders to park their
vehicles and lead the site to access the trail system in each region; needs to be a secured/safe location, well lite and have access gas; food and washroom facilities. Bob reported we are still sourcing out a location. Deadline has passed for government funding. If we moved forward and if there was cost, it would be at our club’s expense (ie loading/offloading ramp).

• Woodstock ATV pilot program – Nothing to report at this time

• On Hold Spring 2022 – Election for Treasurer & Vice President

• On Hold Spring 2022 – Linda will extend an invitation to Ben Cummings who will shoot video footage of our work projects. This will be included with the Woodstock Chamber of Commerce video project promoting community and community events.

Treasurer Report: Linda McHatten
Linda moved a motion, seconded by John C to approve the treasurer reports on both the Savings and Chequing account. Motion carried.

Vendor update – Nothing new

Membership update – No update

Web Site Update: Donna Carson
• A training session has been scheduled with Ryan our web designer and Linda, Debra and Donna. Also discussion will take place on next step for the integration of our FaceBook and web sites. This integration will promote our club’s FaceBook updates over to our web site (ie upcoming Bumbles; wash out notices, etc). In the meantime, Linda will promote our new web site on our club FaceBook.

Committee Report: Donna Carson
• Go forward planning strategy for June rally
o Budget Approved: Corporate sponsors being secured.
o Sponsor Letters: Signed prize and corporate sponsor letters have been delivered to Committee leads, Cathy and Rebecca.
o Poster Design: have added the verbiage…”Registration, Insurance and Trail Pass Required”. Once corporate sponsors are determined, their names will be added and posters will be put in circulation
o Next Committee Meeting: March 3rd 7:00PM

Trail Report: Brian McHatten – no update
• 2022 Focus:
o Union Corner New trail – Carpenter’s will bulldoze the designated road across their property by Spring 2022
o Pembroke – McKenna Road major washout – pending government repair June 2022
o Grading – grading of (1) Benton to Canterbury and (2) Lindsay to Centerville – Spring 2022
o Bull Creek Bridge (Cecil Grant) – will wait for Spring 2022 to go back and remove remains of an old beaver dam.
o Signage: signs for new trail should arrive soon; Brian will reach out to get a team to post.

Correspondence: Donna

• Get well card to Harrison Thomas from our club.
• In Memory of Albert Lafrance – a motion was made by Donna and seconded by Brian, to make a financial donation to the Animal Shelter in memory of Albert and his long service to our sport.
• QuadNB Federation: Email outlining Phase 2 Covid-19 Winter Plan
“QuadNB and phase 2 of the Covid-19 winter plan

The return to Phase 2 of the Covid-19 winter plan has brought some changes to our operations. Let’s see how this will affect quad clubs.
Quad rides or any other activity organized by a quad club:
• There will no longer be a limit on the number of people who can attend a formal club-related activity that takes place outside, like an ATV run.
• In addition, proof of vaccination will not be required for participants of such an activity.
• The club will also not need to keep a register with each participant’s name and telephone number.
• Participants will need to respect social distancing and wear a mask when they find themselves within 6 feet of a person who is not included in their household bubble.

If a stop at a shelter is planned halfway through the ride:
• The shelter will have to respect the same laws as restaurants and bars.
• You will need to show proof of vaccination (or medical exemption) to enter.
• People will have to remain seated, and wearing a mask indoors will be mandatory, except while the person is eating or drinking, but the mask will have to be replaced as soon as the person has finished.
• The club will also have to appoint one or two people at the entrance to ensure that only vaccinated people can enter and that the maximum 50% occupancy capacity of the shelter is respected.
• In addition to people at the entrance, the club may assign some people to disinfect tables and chairs whenever people leave the table, OR they can leave disinfectant wipes on the tables and ask the people to wipe down their area when they are done.