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Board of Directors Meeting – July 26,2022Board of Director Meeting
January 26, 2022
Zoom Meeting


Call To Order: John Lawrence (Review Agenda)

Quorum Requirements: John Lawrence

Minutes of last meeting: Donna Carson

Old Business Items: John Lawrence

Woodstock ATV pilot program update – Brian
Spring 2022 – Election for Treasurer & Vice President
Spring 2022 – Linda to extend an invitation to Ben Cummings who will shoot video footage of our work projects. This will be included with the Woodstock Chamber of Commerce video project promoting community and community events.

Treasurer Report: Linda McHatten
Financial Report
Vendor update
2022 trail passes
Membership update

Web Site Update: Donna Carson
Web site – Archer Design update

Committee Report: Donna Carson
Go forward planning strategy for June rally
Major sponsors
Partnerships: Debec Fire Dept; Debec Rec Council
Marketing – Poster Design

Trail Report: Brian McHatten
2022 Focus:
Union Corner New trail – Carpenter’s will bull doze the designated road across their property by Spring 2022

Pembroke – McKenna Road major washout – pending government repair June 2022

Grading – grading of (1) Benton to Canterbury and (2) Lindsay to Centerville – Spring 2022

Bull Creek Bridge (Cecil Grant) – will wait for Spring 2022 to go back and remove remains of an old beaver dam.

Thank you note from Animal Shelter for financial contribution

New Business:

Next Meeting: August 30,2022

Adjourn Meeting