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Board of Director Meeting
May 31, 2022
Y’s Men Club


Call To Order: John Lawrence

Quorum Met: 20 in attendance

Minutes of last meeting: Donna Carson
Donna read and submitted the minutes with amendments, for approval for the April 26 minutes. Brian seconded. Motion carried.

Old Business Items:
Special Annual Board of Directors meeting is scheduled June 7th

Woodstock pilot program is waiting for Town Council’s third reading

Update on meeting in Nackawic who are on target for opening streets

Treasurer Report: Linda McHatten

Linda moved and Dwayne seconded to approve the treasurer report on the Savings and Chequing. Motion carried.

Year-End Reporting: 2021 reports have been submitted for Financial and Trust Fund.

Vendor Update: Vendors are all good and good communication

Trail passes: 320 members, still growing for this time last year

Facebook membership is at and all time high of 700; up from 571 in April.

Web Site Traffic: Debra Thomas
Average of 22 visits per day, 500-900 per month; 3,000 visits since web site has been upgraded.

Committee Report: Donna Carson
Last Rally committee was on Thursday, May 12, 2022 and held at the Y’s Men’s club.
T-shirts have been received and ready for pick up next week
Prizes ready for pick up at Federation office
Porker hand locations are at Registration; Scott Siding; Canteen; Monument Road and back at Registration. Greg has been advised.
Brian has applied for a HUP from Debec School to the Debec Community Park in the event we need additional parking
A spotter will be set up off Paul Flemming’s field onto road
Cathy will update the waiver sheet to increase number of participates
Dairy Queen certificates are ready for pick-up
Cover Bridge will be donating 6-7 boxes – small bags for children
Registration trailer will be set up inside the rink area due to building activity in the park
Zambonie building will be used to secure prizes and fire pit Friday night
McHatten’s will supply 3-4 coolers for water & ice
Portable Toilets have been confirmed – 2 at registration and 1 at BBQ
Fire pit sales: Mitch and Larry (Larry will provide small canopy
Registration – Cathy & Tanya;
50/50 – Angela Dickinson and Rebecca;
Poker Hand tickets – 2 ERR
Free water & chips – Chelsea and Angela Dyer on water & chips
Trail volunteers – Brian; John C; John L; Neil, Randy

Eel River Rescue – all good to go
Trinity Sunday School – all good to go
Debec Rec Council – all good to go

Trail Report: Brian McHatten
Union Corner New trail – Contractor has been contacted to bulldoze one section however it is too wet to work; will be scheduled once dried up; tentative late June. Carpenters will bulldoze the designated road across their property to connect the new trail. ETA TBD

Pembroke – McKenna Road major washout – government to install a new bridge – ETA TBD

Pembroke Trail – volunteers have finished grading and ditching trail

Ryan Road to Oak Mountain trail has been repaired and ditched

Grading – grading of (1) Benton to Canterbury and (2) Lindsay to Centerville – waiting on trail to dry before work can begin

New trail has been signed by team of volunteers

Shaw Creek project is on going.

McBride Road signs and posts have been replaced 3 times already this season due to theft. Also ‘Stop’ signs are missing on the trail towards Canterbury. Brian will replace.

Survey Tape – Linda to promote on face book to carry tape with them to mark any areas they identify which could be a hazard. Motion by Linda and seconded by Larry to purchase 15 rolls of tape which will be available at the rally. Motion carried.

NOTE: Any trail issues needs to be reported to Brian as our club Trail coordinator and ask for pictures of the problem. Also encourage anyone that identifies with red ribbon for safety reasons.

TOURISM: The Upper River Valley has engaged Bremner & Associates to perform an valuation of tourism in the region to put forth recommendations on how best a Regional Tourism Association (RTA) could function and deliver regional tourism services to leverage and increase tourism

Industry and stakeholder sessions are being held throughout the region
and on behalf of Woodstock, Tobi Pirie is inviting our club to attend the
90-minute session to provide our perspective on what an RTA could do
to assist us in leveraging our sport to increase tourism in our region.

Date: Wednesday, June 29; 1pm – 2:30 pm; AYR Motor Centre, Gallery
Room; RSVP: info@town.woodstock.nb.ca

John L said someone from our club would attend.

New Business: John Lawrence

The Sport Trade show is taking place in Moncton on September 10th and 11th. The federation will have a booth.

John reported that a joint effort was taking place between our club, Skedaddle and Mudrunners to sponsor and ATV training course.

Next Meeting:, Tuesday, June 28, 2022 – Y’s Men club – 7:00 pm

Meeting Adjourned: John L moved meeting adjourned.