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April 28th 2021


Call to Order:  John L. (Agenda accepted).

Minutes of Last Meeting:  Donna submitted and seconded by Linda that the March 31 minutes be approved as read.  Motion carried.

Old Business Items:  John L.

  • Gas Tax Fund’ (GTF) – pending approval
  • ATV Training Event – Not enough participants (2) to move forward
  • Club Decals – Donna has met with creative designer who is working on a new club logo and  will provide feedback with revisions.

Treasurer Report:  Linda
Finance Report – Linda moved and John C. seconded to approve the treasurer report.  Motion  carried.

Committee Report:  Donna
Nothing at this time.

Trail Report:  Brian had no updates at this juncture.
2021 Focus:

  • Woodstock to Centreville has been cleared, just a few trees down; trail has also been  resigned; 4 posts, 4 stop signs and 5 trail signs had to be replaced.
  • Woodstock to Canterbury trail has been cleared; still need to replace 4 posts, 4 stop signs and one trail sign;  this trail also needs to be reposted as trail #25.
  • Pembroke trail has 4 washouts and some culvert work is needed; need to wait until it dries up before work can start;  also Brian put up our “Trail Closed” signs until major washout is             fixed.  Intent is to have re-opened between mid May to end of June.
  • Meeting set with Sheldon to scope out the dead water and get the culverts cleaned out and repaired between Debec and the Cosman Road.
  • Debec Bridge – Waiting for Doug to cut lumber for the repair;
  • John will followup with Doug for an eta.  John C will pick up the lumber the night before and deliver to the site.
  • New by-pass trail development pending at Union Corner.
  • Creek Road bridge repair pending.​

New Business:  Nothing this month.


We received the email from Ken stating that course was cancelled due to low registration.
John reported that the Federation sent him large maps that display all the trails in New Brunswick.

Next Meeting: May 26, 2021; Zoom Meeting; 7:00pm

Meeting Adjourned:  John C. moved meeting adjourned.