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Board of Directors Meeting
May 26, 2021
Zoom Meeting


Call to Order: In absence of John L, Donna called the meeting to order; agenda accepted.

Minutes of last meeting: Donna submitted and seconded by Brian that the April 28th minutes be approved as read.  Motion carried.

Old Business Items:
Club logo/decals – Donna will present the revised creative renditions of our logo at the Woodstock meeting.
Gas Tax Fund (GTF) – pending approval.
TEAM app – John L and Donna – pending.

Treasurer’s Report: Linda moved and John C. seconded to approve the treasurer report.  Motion carried.

Committee Report: Donna, nothing at this time.

Trail Report: Brian.

  • Current Focus:
    Pembroke new washout – pending completion mid to late June.
    Pembroke – 4 washouts & culvert work required to be scheduled now that it is dryer.
    Creek Road Bridge – holes on bridge have been patched; bridge needs to be rebuilt and widened; target end of June for a full day work project; scope of work to be determined by Brian and John.
    New trail development to by-pass – pending – John will contact Greg Carpenter to  coordinate scope his work.
    Brian made a motion and seconded by Linda that we move forward with the grading of Benton to Canterbury and Lindsay to Centreville. 
    Pre budget of Benton to Canterbury and Lindsay to Centreville.
    Pre budget approved as the norm.  Motion carried.

    Debec Bridge – scheduled for completion May 28th.
    Trail to Centreville at McCain Fertilizer plant cleared and opened tow culverts and dead water dealt with ($402.60 charge from Sheldon).
    Debec to Cosman Road – completed section to Green Road.
    Woodstock to Canterbury – 4 posts/ 4 stop signs/ 1 trail sign – all completed.

New Business:
Woodstock Town Meeting – Meeting held at Ayr Motor, May 27th, 5:30 t0 8:00, Federation in attendance; all Board of Directors also attending.

Correspondence: Donna
2021 – 22 Budget of QuadNB – Clubs voted 34 to 2 in favour of the budget. Motion passed.
​Email from Western Valley Wellness Food Security Committee – Donna
Looking for items for silent auction at Softball Tournament this weekend in Hartland.  Supporting Backpack Food Program.
John C made a motion and seconded by Brian to make a financial donation out of our savings account.  Motion carried.  Linda will coordinate delivery of cheque on Thursday, May 27th.

Town of Woodstock Streets: Bob Stokes and Brian provided members another update on the Town of Woodstock granting Quad’s access to Town Streets. Work still in progress. Continues to be a work in progress.

2022 Rally: It was decided to host our 2022 annual ATV Rally on June 18th, 2022.
Our intent is to once again host the rally from the Debec Community Park and work in tandem with both the Debec Fire Department/Search and rescue (breakfast) and Debec Recreation Council (on trail BBQ and assist with registration). Donna will reach out to those contacts to determine their level of interest. Committee will be set up soon to begin planning/advertising.

Next Meeting: June 30, 2021; Zoom meeting; 7pm

Meeting Adjourned: Linda moved meeting adjourned.