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Board of Director Meeting

October 24, 2023

Y’s Men Club


Call To Order:  Dwayne, President  

Larry approved agenda

Quorum Met:   3 Executive; 3 Directors plus 15 members      

Minutes of last meeting: Donna Carson

Donna read and submitted the September 25, 2023 minutes for approval; Larry seconded.   Motion carried.

Old Business Items:

October Regional 7 meeting: Brian gave update

Trail permits up from last year, which is 30,500 members; 65,000 units registered.

Gas Tax (Canadian Community Building Fund)funding is coming again in 2024.  More details to follow.

Off road multi use bikes is still not finalized and may not come to next Spring.  Two hold-ups are their insurance and the Off Road Vehicle Act need to be changed.  Passes will only be available through Moncton and on-line.  They are approved for access to crown land only.  If they want to expand their trail then need to get land owner agreements.   

Regional election resulted in Bob Randall being voted back in for a 2-year term working with Bob and covering the Southern part of our region.   

Main state agreement is still on hold.

November Annual Voting = a posting was published on FaceBook regarding the annual voting of two executive positions.   This will be the last 2023 meeting with start up in the Spring.

Treasurer Report:  Linda McHatten

Linda moved and seconded by John to approve the treasurer report on the

Savings and Chequing.   Motion carried.   

A bill from the local snowmobile club for some posts and mulching between Deerville and Scott’s siding and Bull’s Creek in the amount of $4116.54 was paid this evening.  The budget allocated for this project was $5,000.00.   

Bank account on-line access – Linda reported that the on-line banking access has been established.  This will result in having current bank balances for both savings and chequing accounts for monthly meetings.

E-transfer – Linda reported that the e-transfer function has been establish.  This will allow the treasurer to e-transfer trail pass monies to the federation; allow club members to e-transfer trail pass payment and lastly allow vendors to e-transfer trail fees to our club.  Linda visited each vendor to introduce the e-transfer option.

New 8.x11 club signs advertising that trail passes were sold at that location were delivered to all 9 vendors.  All vendors were excited to have them and some asked for a couple to cover multi entrance/exits.

Vendor update:  

2024 passes are all distributed and now have 9 vendors

Trail Pass Update:  688 which is up by 101 members from 2022  

Face Book Update:  1180

Committee Report:  

Fun Fall Rally Report– Wade McLellan reporting

Very successful event

56 units and 113 participants

$1,475.00 funds raised

Scavenger hunt with hidden pumpkins was a hit

All prizes were distributed

Trail was clearly marked

Hats left over will be drawn at our November 23, 2023 meeting

Expense for the rally $12.50

Wade and Donna will work on selection of Christmas family selection(s)

Going forward, the intent is to have an annual Fall rally

Trail Report: Brian McHatten


Brian and contractor will be finishing the work on the Centerville trail next week.

The flooding on trail between Shewan and Carr Siding is as a result of a major beaver problem.  Brian will be working with a contractor to address that issue and then trail will be repaired asap.  

John  met with a contractor to scope out the potential development on Trail 5002 behind Luke Flemming’s.  The recommendation is to have the section ditched to dry up the trail and then re-address again in the Spring.  John made a motion and seconded by Ralph to allocate a maximum of $2,000 to have this worked completed this Fall.  Motion carried.   

Correspondence: Donna Carson


New Business:  Dwayne Atherton

Linda received a request from Ivan Thompkins, President of the Y’s Men Club regarding volunteers to work their canteen February 16 through to February 19.  This is a major International snowmobile race event coming to Woodstock.  There may also be requests from the local host snowmobile club to help set-up the event (5,000 bails of hay need to be placed).  If anyone is interested in working the canteen reach out to Ivan Tompkins and Linda will put the request on our facebook.

Linda also made a motion, seconded by Larry to pay the annual $300 donation to Y’s Men club.  Motion carried.

Next Meeting: Tuesday, November 28, 2023 – Y’s Men club – 7:00 pm

Meeting Adjourned: Larry adjourned meeting.