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Board of Director Meeting
November 29, 2022
Y’s Men Club

Call To Order: Dwayne Atherton, President

Quorum Met

Minutes of last meeting: Donna Carson
Donna read and submitted the minutes October meeting for approval. Brian seconded. Motion carried.

Old Business Items:

Media response regarding pilot program. The request for a live interview with Dwayne and Mayor Slipp did not happen.

Work is still in progress getting the membership email addresses loaded. Our cub currently has 534 members and 163 have reported email address. The intent is to send a monthly notice of our meeting with the agenda. If they choose to be removed from the email distribution their email address will be deleted. Still a work in progress in terms of getting them loaded.

The Riverview Valley Sun provided the pricing for advertising in their paper which is: business card format is $100 but $45 for non-profit; ¼ page $160 but $75 for non profit; ½ page $450 with no non-profit discount. They also said our first ad would be free. A motion was made by Donna and seconded by Allan to roll out the following 2023 marketing campaign with a budget of $431.25 tax in. Motion carried

March – ¼ page (free) advertising the upcoming season; our
meeting schedule; web site and facebook page.
April – business card with meeting schedule, web site & facebook
May – ¼ page promoting upcoming Rally; meetings/website & FB
June & July – business card layout with meetings/website & FB
August – ¼ page promoting fall wheeling, meetings/website & FB
Sept & October – Business card meetings/website & FB

For Vendor Christmas recognition, Linda made a motion, seconded by Larry that we provide Tim Horton’s coffee and muffins for the larger vendors and cans of cookies for Debec and Canterbury. Motion carried.
Linda will take care of distribution and photo ops.

Treasurer Report: Linda McHatten

Linda moved and seconded by Donnie to approve the treasurer report on the Savings and Chequing. This also included the payment to Brian in the amount of $72.90 for the remaining of 2022 mileage as well as our annual contribution to the Y’s Men club for the use of this facility. Motion carried.

Vendor update: Nothing to report at this time.

Face Book Update: 778 members, reaching for 1,000 in 2023.

Club Expenses: Linda and Donna had a discussion on printing expenses for the club that are being incurred. A motion was made by Ralph and seconded by Allan that $100 be paid to Linda and $160 to Donna for printing over the past year. It was also decided to set a budget of $300 a year going forward. Motion carried.

Committee Report: RALLY
The rally will be held at Debec Community Park.
Donna confirmed that the Debec Sunday School and Rec Council have agreed to partner with our club again this year (June 17th) for the breakfast and BBQ during our rally. Fire Dept will confirm their participation in April.
Fees: $10.00 per wheeler plus one non-perishable for the Food Bank; $10.00 for extra draw tickets.
Business sponsorships worked well last year need to determine if we want to proceed with that plan this year. Last year corporate sponsors of $300 came from Dave’s Sports; TC Trailer; Brennan’s HH; Debec Store.
Need to set up a committee to meet in April to scope out the details for the rally.

Trail Report: Brian McHatten
FYI: Shaw Creek – Federation office reported the start up meeting with the successful bidder was held on the Shaw Creek Culvert project.  The culvert is being removed, the riverbed restored to its natural state and a bridge is being installed for safe crossing of the watercourse.
Construction on-going with expected completion November 30th. 2022.

Grading – Lindsay to Centerville postponed until 2023.

DNR Trail Maintenance: There are now 5 blocks completed for the DNR’s requests for our trail between Centerville to Woodstock. The remaining 5 blocks for culverts will be done in Spring 2023.

Linda wanted to give a shout out to Brian and John for their continued dedication over this past year for trail maintenance. Also shout out to all the membership and riders who clean up the trails as they travel.

Correspondence: No correspondence

New Business:
On November 21st, Dwayne was contacted by Ralph asking if our club join other clubs by donating $250 towards $1,000 fundraiser for the Food bank. The executive agreed and a photo op was taken with the other participants which Jim Dumville posted on the River Valley Sun website. That exposure generated other groups/businesses to also donate $1,000 for this initiative and within a few days a total of $10,000.00 was raised for the Food Bank.

On November 15th, there was an Executive meeting held with the following outcome:
no monthly meetings to be held December, January, February
looking for two new directors to join the executive team – UPDATE both Larry Dryer and Wayne McCullen were nominated. The motion to cease nominations was closed; both accepted the positions. This is a 3-year term.
sign-in book for monthly meetings to track associate & regular members & guests. UPDATE launched at tonight’s meeting
motion passed to make annual payment of $300 to Y’s Men’s club for hall rental. Linda will make the payment.
another meeting required to discuss QUAD NB by-law recommendation – Associate voting at AGM. UPDATE: Vance recommended to purpose to implementing a Proxy alternative if a member who has a trail pass cannot attend the upcoming AGM and to give another person voting privilege in their absence.
River Valley Club by-laws to be signed off by executive by year end UPDATE: completed

Discussion was had regarding launching a 2023 ATV/SXS safety course in our area in partnership with Skeddaddle Ridge and M&H Mud Runners. We will also push this offering in our March 2023 Valley Sun advertising.

Bob Stokes provided an update on the Halloween event held in Woodstock and
Reported that there were 1,500 participants. He gave thanks for our club participating by providing a wheeler transportation in need. It wasn’t required but great to have offered the alternate transportation.

Welcomed Vance from the Federation Office for joining our monthly meeting.

Next Meeting:, Tuesday, March 28, 2023 – Y’s Men club – 7:00 pm

Meeting Adjourned: Ralph moved meeting adjourned.