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Happy 2022 folks! For those counting and looking forward to getting back on the ATV Trails it is three months away. Is there anyone else counting the days away?

One thing I can say for sure is that we can bumble the same trails several times during the three seasons that we are permitted on the trails but every bumble is different. Starting out in the early spring (any time from April 16) we usually experience some snow and maybe a bit of ice still on the trails. The River Valley ATV Club # 50 along with other clubs is busy this time of the year with checking the trails for downed trees, washouts, knocked down trail signs and picking up garbage and I will say that the garbage is getting less and less every year. The trees are bare of leaves which make it easier to see wildlife and birds. The dead waters and ponds still have ice in them. As we bumble on into May and June we see the spring flowers blooming and apple blossoms on the trees (oh my they smell nice). The trees are starting to leaf out. Summer rolls around to warmer weather. We see new life-bear cubs playing on the road and you can be sure mama bear is not far away –fawns that are not travelling far from their mama-partridge crossing the trail with their new chicks –ducklings following mother duck in the dead waters and ponds and if we are lucky enough we may see a moose with her young one. Before we know it fall is settling in and as we revisit the trails we see the trees changing color. This I think is my favorite season of the year. We move into colder weather but we just bundle up more. This is what ATVer’s do-the colder it gets the more we bundle up. The trees have lost their leaves. We get that cold barren look again but we know that a few months away we start the cycle all over.

Our last trip of the 2021 season was Dec 7. It was one of those last minute bumbles. Don thought a nice afternoon bumble up over Poverty Peak would be nice. We packed some snacks, dressed a little warmer and off we bumbled. It was a very windy day but beautiful on the trails in the woods. It was 2 degrees and sunny. The wind made it feel colder. These are the days that a nice cup of hot tea is nice to have along with us. Back home and the buggy put away for another season. Until next month-Stay Safe.