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River Valley ATV Club

The River Valley ATV club was originally formed in the Spring of 1993.

This was a result of Emmett McLellan calling together local ATV riders to meet for the sole purpose of sharing information of the trails that were being used at that point in time.   The meeting was held at the original Kinsmen center in Jacksonville. 

Discussions led to the formation of the River Valley ATV club.  Emmett was elected as President; John Carson was Vice and Kevin Bubar was secretary.  At the time there was no need for a treasurer as there were no funds to manage.

Our River Valley ATV club became incorporated on August 10th, 1994. 

Around the same timeframe, the New Brunswick provincial government requested a united formation be created.  This request was with the intent of having one point of contact that would be the single voice, speaking on behalf of all individual clubs across New Brunswick.   This united formation was the start of the New Brunswick ATV Federation. 

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