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Beautiful Bumble by Linda McHatten

With four more weeks left for the ATV season we sure are enjoying the great weather. One of the highlights of our bumbles this fall was a trip to Bluebell Train Tunnell.We were hosted by Grace and Anthony with 14 atv’s, 27 people and 1 fur baby (Caroline and puppy Winston were home from Alberta and joined us).Leaving Limestone Siding we bumbled on trails to the abandoned Bluebell Tunnel located in Bluebell near Plaster Rock. The tunnel was built in 1912 as part as the National Transcontinental Railway and being 1000 feet long was known as the longest tunnel built in New Brunswick. After a few years the tunnel began to deteriorate with falling rocks. In 1959 the train track was rerouted as the tunnel became unsafe for trains to pass through. Looking through the tunnel you could see water seeping through the ceiling and the light at the other end. We did not venture far into the tunnel as it is unsafe with falling rocks. The path leading to the tunnel was so luscious and green with moss, mushrooms and a few wild flowers. It was an interesting piece of New Brunswick history to visit. This was the first I had heard of this hidden gem. We then traveled back toward Plaster Rock where we stopped for pot luck lunch at the site of Dodo’s Take out. It was a beautiful spot to enjoy our  meal with more food then we could eat-goulash, hot dogs, salads and the list just goes on. The laughter and storytelling told it all. I guess a bumble would not be complete without some mud and water and that we got. Needless to say the winches came out as someone veered left instead of right. We bumble to Aurthurette stopping for a break at the cenotaph where we discovered the Poppy Trail which was established just this past year. What a nice quiet spot just to go and sit and enjoy the natural surroundings. We continue to follow the trail along the beautiful Tobique River where we see cottage owners getting their last boat rides in. We pass the Tobique Dam, cross the river at Perth Andover and continue along the river to Limestone Siding .We load up and reminisce about the day recapping and laughing about our mud experience as we look at the very muddy buggies sitting on the trailers. HAPPY TRAILS