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We have so much to be grateful for. As we go into the last month of the ATVing season I cannot imagine not being able to jump in our side x side and enjoy the trails. My favorite season of course is fall and on thanksgiving weekend a small group of us (6 bikes-12 people) unloaded at the trailhead in Perth Andover. It is overcast but that does not stop us. Leaving here we bumble down the trail, across the bridge, down behind the hospital and up over the hill to Carl’s warming hut. What a spectacular view of the many colors of fall. Listening to everyone talk and laugh and taking pictures brings me joy and of course there are always some stories thrown in. We bumble on through the trails carpeted with the fallen colored leaves. The leaves are falling from the trees and the leaves laying on the trail are dancing back at us from the side x sides ahead of us. We come across a camp and stop here. It is such a beautiful spot. Along comes a gentleman who is associated with this camp and welcomes us. Jack is his name. He looks at me and says, “You are the Bumble lady” and then goes on to say he recognizes my face from the paper. We bid farewell and continued towards Kincardine and Leanord Colony. I am getting hungry. We stopped to eat at one of my favorite spots. It is a log cabin along a brook. Potluck is the order of the day…beans,goolash salads,rolls,hotdogs…you name we have it. We must not forget Ruth’s molasses cookies, my chocolate macaroons and Joan’s donuts. It is so relaxing listening to the babbling brook while we eat lunch. Time for a group photo. Now that was funny. I took about six shots to get the photo…. The heads were cut off or half were cut out of the picture because the camera kept slipping on the wood pile and then watching me trying to run to get into the picture was funny. Finally, Laurie did it and we got our group picture. With bellies full and wishing we could have a nap we bumbled toward Perth passing by Frozen Mitten Corner. There are no words to explain bumbling through the hardwood trails and when we passed apple trees with apples laying on the ground you could smell the apple scent. Returning to the trail head we bid everyone farewell until the next time. HAPPY TRAILS