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What a trek this bumble was. You have heard the phrase “Where there is a will there is away”! This group of “senager” bumblers was about to adventure out and do a round trip from Kilmarnock to Lower Woodstock. We unloaded our side x sides and 4 wheelers in Kilmarnock and returned our trailers and vehicles to Lower Woodstock. Thanks to our friend Vicki the guys were able to return back to Kilmarnock, hop in the bikes and head out on an adventure. Brian was leading the first part of the bumble and he was not long finding water and mud. The Bark Road presented us with Problem #1-a very large water hole with a tree down across it. Gary and Joanne who just happened to wear rubber boots today were not long wading through the water and using a chainsaw cleared away the tree. There certainly was a lot of mud and water through this flintstone trail. And there is it is-the big water hole that sunk us! Perched up on my seat I looked out over my door and I was not going anywhere. There goes my snack bag floating away in the water. Luckily Brian was able to grab it. Yup it was wench time! What else could we do but laugh and that we did. I hear the comment “Is there another way around this?” No there is not! We all mange to get through and continue on. A large round steel camp is interesting as we stop and have a look at that. More mud, rocks, water and lots of laughter gets us to Nackawic. We are able to drive through the town on a designated route across the Hawkshaw Bridge to connect with York West ATV Club’s trails. LUNCH TIME. There is a picnic shelter at the Pokiok Waterfalls. This is where we enjoy a relaxing pot luck lunch listening to the water rushing over the rocks. Don and Gary will continue to lead our group back home via Flat Top to the railbed.We bumble on through Canterbury and stop to enjoy mama bear and her two cubs. That was a sight to see. One thing I really noticed was how the cranberries were starting to ripen. Last stop at one of my favorite places- Benton Ducks unlimited Dam. Twelve hours later we arrive at Lower Woodstock tired but happy. The smiles tell it all. HAPPY TRAILS-Stay safe.