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A true friend is never truly gone. Their spirit lives on in the memories of those who loved them” -Amy Hoover.

As I sit with my cup of tea and watch the beautiful sunrise I recall so many memories of a great friend and ATV enthusiast. One year ago this month this great friend passed away after a short illness and leaving so many memories….memories that we still talk about on our bumbles….Duane Petley (aka Dewy) you were one of a kind – one our bumble group will never forget. He always looked forward to the first bumble of the season especially if he was able to pull a Honda back on the trail which just may have slid off due to some snow and ice with his Polaris.

It did not matter what time we were leaving our meeting point for a bumble you could be rest assured that Duane was there having his coffee and maybe a breakfast sandwich well ahead of time. Last season on our bumbles there were so many memories to share–It may have been him sitting on a side hill or tree stump sharing his sandwich with a dog, sitting on a porch of a cabin eating a piece of cheese or going through a water hole where the water would splash up over the cab of his side x side making Valerie yell “Duane”. He would just laugh and carry on. He had one of those silly grins and infectious laughs that no one would forget. If we had a newcomer to the group you can be sure Duane welcomed and made them feel at home.

We didn’t always eat on the trail. We could always expect good times at the Pour House, Pizza Hut in Zealand and the Waterfront Pub in Nackawic. These were Duane’s favorite places to dine. We cannot forget the trips to McAdam for pie on Sundays. There are always funny stories from each of these places.

The last bumble Duane shared with us was Oct. 3, 2020. We trailered our quads to Grace and Anthony’s near Grand Falls where we enjoyed the fall colors around Perth and Tobique. We had pot luck on the trail. The light rain did not discourage us from having a fun day. That is what rain suits are for.

July 1, 2021 some of our bumble group was able to meet at Grace and Anthony’s in honor of Duane. Memories were shared with lots of laughs and a few tears.

We often heard this quote from Duane: “If you can’t run with the big dogs stay on the porch” -John Madden.

Rest in peace my dear friend. I sure miss that extra can of coke you brought along for me. You are missed by us all. C’MON

Happy Trails