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Here we are folks-bumble season is here for 2023! For Brian that means checking the tires, changing the oil, filter and spark plug, replacing brake pads and any other maintenance it may need. It is time to make sure the chain saw is working as we never know when a tree has fallen across the rail. It is time to restock cooking and eating utensils, the first aid kit(make sure aspirin has not expired, garbage bags(we always take our garbage back home with us).We must not forget the tow rope and make sure the winch is working as we have had to use that a time or two(maybe three or four)… I will not mention any names. Trail tape is a good thing to carry with you to mark washouts or other troublesome areas on the trails. My lunch cooler is packed along with my knapsack. WHAT IS THAT NOISE I HEAR???The buggy being loaded onto the trailer, we are off for our first adventure of the season.
We meet at the trail with the others at Hodgson Road. We will venture to JACK’S PIZZA AND DONAIR in McAdam for lunch. What a great group-21 atv’s and 46 people. It is nice to see some of the old crew and meet other atv enthusiasts as well the little ones tagging along with their parents/grandparents. Making a stop at Russell’s Store in Canterbury to stretch our legs and grab snacks, we have a chance to introduce ourselves to others who have joined us. Lunch is calling so we bumble on taking the Fawn Lake Road, turning onto Duck Lake Road which takes us to McAdam. IT’S LUNCH TIME. Ross greets us as we enter Jack’s and looks after us. We sure are treated in a fine hospitable way and the food is delicious. When we leave the staff is outside waving and taking pictures of us. We will be back. We then connect back to the trail using designated streets in McAdam. I should know better when I see Brian and Don consulting each other that we will not be returning to Woodstock via the railbed. We bumble over Costain Hill (a rocky one for sure), Burnt knoll Road, Jigger Town., Fry Pan Corner, Dead Creek, back to the railbed with a stop at the Benton Unlimited Ducks Dam. The adder tongues and trilliums are in bloom along the rails. The sun is setting and after 206 km and 10 ½ hours on the trail we are home. Great day had by all. HAPPY TRAILS.