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Board of Director Meeting
November 28, 2023
Y’s Men Club

Call To Order: Dwayne, President
Larry approved agenda

Quorum Met: 3 Executive; 3 Directors plus 22 members

Minutes of last meeting: Donna Carson
Donna read and submitted the October 24, 2023 minutes for approval; Larry seconded. Motion carried.

Old Business Items:
November Annual Elections

Treasurer Report: Linda McHatten
Linda moved and seconded by John to approve the treasurer report on the
Savings and Chequing. Motion carried.

Vendor update:
Linda and Brian distributed the Christmas Gagnon chocolates to our 9 vendors, which were appreciated.

Trail Pass Update: 688

Face Book Update: 1180

Committee Report: Wade
Wade reported that he and Donna have secured three families throughout our region that our club would support for the Christmas season. The funds raised by the Fall Fun Run in the amount of $1,500 will be used to support this project. Donna will recruit others to help with shopping, wrapping and delivering to the school for delivery to the families.

Trail Report: Brian McHatten
Trail 5001 – Centerville Trail: 4 culverts replaced
½ km above Meduxnekeag ATV bridge;
1km from Deal Road towards White and replaced a 12” with a 1” culvert to accommodate water flow from dead water. Also spread two loads of gravel;
1 km from Deal Road to McKeagan Road and replaced 12” with 18” culbert to accommodate dead water flow;
1.5 km from McKeagan Road towards Centerville. Removed collapsed wooden culvert and replaced with 12” culvert. In same area filled in three large holds with 8 loads of gravel.
This work finalizes the DNR trail requests.
Trail 5000
McKenna Road – October 24/23 installed trail signs at the McKenna Road
Carr Siding – Oct 25/23 2 sections of trail were under water and contractor alleviated the blockages;
Contractor cleaned out two culverts and removed 2 beaver dams plus cleaned brush off trail. Opened up several drains to prevent water from accumulating on trail.
At stop sign at Carr Siding contractor ditched water hole to drain water and recovered soil, filled in low spot.
McKenna Road behind Sharpe’s burm moved and spread on trail to fill in low spots; cleaned out cement culvert, which was removed this Spring and reinstalled on Ray Black’s rite away to his fields.

Brian has announced that 2024 will be his last year for our club’s Trail Coordinator. Brian has served in this position for the past 7 years and are grateful for his contribution.

Correspondence: Donna Carson
Email from federation advising a new QUAD 25th Anniversary logo has been designed and asking all clubs to add the logo to any club advertising/marketing campaigns. Donna has added it to our club web site.

Also, they would like to encourage each club or Region to do at least one
activity to celebrate QuadNB’s 25th Anniversary.  QuadNB’s 25th anniversary
is on December 10, 2023, but you can choose any date between Dec. 10, 2023,
and Dec 9, 2024. It is completely up to the individual club or region.

Thank you card from Faye Grant for the monetary honorarium for Todd Grant.

New Business: Dwayne Atherton
The Lindsay warming hut has been burned down, however it is being re-built. This structure has been used all trail users, regardless of weather. Patty made a motion, seconded by Brian to make a $500 donation towards the cost of the replacement structure. Motion seconded.

Seasonal Donations: It was decided to hold off on any further financial donations until Spring 2024.

Executive Elections:
Two nominees for Vice President were presented with no other nominees.
Vice President – 2 nominees: Larry Dyer and Scott Edwards.
Larry Dyer was elected as Vice President and will serve a 2-year term.

Two nominees for Treasurer were presented with no other nominees.
Treasurer – 2 nominees were Linda McHatten and Wade McLellan.
Wade McLellan was elected as Treasurer and will serve a 2-year term.

Hat Draw : Wade McLellan
Wade drew names for ball hats that were left over from the Fall Fun Run.

Next Meeting: Tuesday, March 26, 2024 – Y’s Men club – 7:00 pm

Meeting Adjourned: Larry adjourned meeting.