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Board of Director Meeting
June 27, 2023
Y’s Men Club

Call To Order: John Carson, Vice President in absence of Dwayne Atherton, President

Quorum Met: 26 in attendance including 3 Executive; 3 Directors

Minutes of last meeting: Donna Carson
Donna read and submitted the May 30, 2023 minutes for approval. Laurie Underhill-Anderson seconded. Motion carried.

Old Business Items:
Update on August safety course – Dwayne is waiting on Woodstock’s approval to access parking lot.
Adding the Petro gas station in Meductic as a vendor for our club – still pending

Treasurer Report: Linda McHatten
Linda moved and seconded by Donnie Atherton to approve the treasurer report on the Savings and Chequing. Motion carried.

Trail Pass Update: 508 sold to date, comparable from last year

Face Book Update: 993 members, (2023 goal 1,000 followers)

Committee Report: Donna Carson, Secretary –
Successful rally this year for our partners:
SS raised $1,500 on breakfast
Rec Council raised $1,200 on BBQ
Eel River Rescue Porker hand raised $195

Trail Report: Brian McHatten
The Pembroke to Carr Siding still needs inspection and signed, at which time Brian will advise Vance to turn that trail to green on federation map.

Woodstock to Centreville trail is pending on contractor availability.

Culvert sitting on side of Redbridge Road and Woodstock trail was stolen and so will be replaced.

Culvert replacement for the Hodgon Road trail is pending approval from the government’s Gas Tax funding.

John mentioned that due to the condition of the new trail back of Luke Flemming’s, Luke had to move his cattle once again to give us access to pass through that section. John made a motion and seconded by Brian that the club give a $100 gift certificate to Luke to show our appreciation for his continued support for our rallies. Motion carried.

John also mentioned that he will be investigating options and associated costs for a long-term solution for that new section.

Wade reported that he and Dwayne have been working with the local Maliseet community to set up a form of a Trail Head to off load on their premises to access our trails. They are just waiting for a formal written approval from the council.

Correspondence: Donna Carson

To all QuadNB members :

Please be advised that even though Maine ATV and QuadNB have agreed on
a reciprocal agreement, this agreement is not yet legally official.
The governments in both countries still need to sign off on it.  It may
only happen next year.

A Maine ATV registration is legally required for nonresidents to
operate an ATV in the State of Maine.  Some New Brunswickers have been
riding on the trails in the state of Maine without purchasing the
proper state ATV registration.  Please be advised that doing this is
illegal and if you are caught, you will be fined.  We will let you know
when the agreement becomes official.  

In the meantime, if you plan on going for a ride with your ATV or
side-by-side in the state of Maine, please respect their laws.    

Bob Stokes reported that there is an actual agreement signed by both parties and the only hold up is with the actual State of Maine’s final signature.

New Business: John Carson
John advised that participants at our recent rally requested us to hold a Fall rally as they felt the woods on our trail would be well worth the view.

Following discussion at our Executive meeting it was determined that the original rally committee needs a much-needed break and not interested in hosting a Fall rally.

However, Wade suggested we put it out at our regular meeting to get a read on 1) the interest of a fun fall rally and 2) if there were volunteers who would set up a committee to facilitate the rally.

The response was favorable and high interest on having a fall run and also willing to work on the committee to make it happen.

This will be tabled until our July monthly meeting and if an independent committee can be formed, it will be executed.

Discussion around the scope of this event would be possible low or no registration fee; bring your own lunch; possible 50/50; stay in woods refraining from a lot of rail bed or woods road travel. Also Trail must be signed.

Target date would be Saturday, October 14 before hunting. No posters just fb invite

Bob Stokes – Regional Director:
reported that the replacement bridge span is pending final approval
Dirt Riders Association will be covered under the same insurance as our clubs/federation, which is with OASIS. Still a work in progress.
Tourism asked QUADNB to conduct another research program for data on our sport and tourism. The company NEW FOCUS apparently sent out questionnaires and only 3 clubs in our area responded. Our club did not receive this questionnaire. Tourism seems to have increased interest with our sport.
On August 11 the Musical Ride is returning to Woodstock for a second year in a row, which is typically only a 4-year cycle. Bob asked if there would be 6 members with 4-seater side-by-sides volunteer to shuttle people with walking challenges from the parking lots to the venue.
If interested, Bob can be reached at 506.328.8942.

Next Meeting: Tuesday, July 25, 2023 – Y’s Men club – 7:00 pm

Meeting Adjourned: John moved meeting adjourned 8:20PM.