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Board of Directors Meeting
March 31, 2021
Zoom Meeting


Call to Order:  John L. (Agenda accepted)
. Quorum Requirements:  Requirements met:  3 Executive plus two Board Members.
. Minutes of last meeting:  Donna submitted and seconded by Linda that the March 31st minutes be approved as read.  Motion carried.

Old Business Items:    John L

​Landowner Agreement Status – John reported that he spoke with Vance from the Federation office and confirmed that all land owners agreements have been submitted.  Next step is to GPS the changes in the new trail to eliminate the current HUP”s.  This item in terms of land owner agreements is now closed!!

  • “Gas Tax Refund” (GTF) – John L provided the Federation the approval for our submission. Item closed.
  •  “Signage Manual – copies John C ordered never arrived, however Federation ffice said they mailed them.  They are resending.
  •  SAR Partnership – John L next steps.  Little preparation from their end due to limited resources  however we are in for any SAR event.  We need to set up a committee.  Table for next month.​

Treasurer Report:  Linda
Linda moved and John C seconded to approve the treasurer report. Motion carried.

Committee Report:  Donna
Nothing at this time.

Trail Report:  Brian had no updates at this juncture.  Will be scoping out this year’s roll out plan over the next few weeks.

2021 Focus:

  • Pembroke regular trail
  • Debec Bridge
  • Washout at Saunders – last mile
  • Creek Road Bridge
  • Grading Centreville trail
  • New trail development to by-pass Luke Flemming’s Property​

New Business:

ATV Training Event – John L
​Bob Stoke provided club updates on a number of projects.

Ken Legge is prepared to put on a safety-training course the weekend April 24th and May 1st.  He provided the link to advertise the events.
Location coordination needs to happen so John L will contact the Town to access the Y’s Men’s parking lot. The marketing effort is on the
Federation web site; our Facebook and shared with other communities; our website all directing interested parties to the federation link to register.

Club decals – Linda
Linda stated that we only have 20 new decals left in inventory.
Donna will investigate new creative for our logo.

TEAM App – John L
One central depository for all documents; authorized security access;
John L and Donna will investigate further.

​Due to Covid, our Directors have decided to remain with monthly Zoom board of director meetings until further notice.


  • 2921 Census Jobs – Karlea Lewis, Communications Officer
    Based on possible spam issue, our club is passing on this opportunity.
  • ​Canadian Cancer Society Ride for Hope Fundraiser – Email from Liam
    Kearney – Fundraiser coordinator.
    Our club has decided to pass on this opportunity at this juncture.
  • Water Alteration Certification – John L.
    Our club has decided to pass on this opportunity at this juncture.​

Next Meeting:  April 28, 2021: Zoom Meeting; 7:00pm.

Meeting Adjourned:  John moved meeting adjourned.