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Board of Directors Meeting
November 24, 2021
Zoom Meeting


Call To Order: John Lawrence

Minutes of last meeting: Donna Carson
Donna submitted the October 27, 2021 minutes to the executive for approval, Linda seconded they be accepted with revisions.
Motion carried.

Old Business Items:

  • Correspondence to Town of Woodstock Council – John advised there would be a second Town of Woodstock public meeting held on December 7th. Vance Johnson from the Federation will be attending and speaking on behalf of QUADNB.
  • November Election of Officers – Board has made decision to postpone election of Treasurer and Vice President until Spring 2022.
  • GAS TAX Funding – still waiting for contract

Treasurer Report:
Linda McHatten

  • Linda moved and John C seconded to approve the treasurer report on the Savings and Chequing. Motion carried.

Web Site Update:
Donna Carson & Debby Thomas
Donna Carson & Debby Thomas – First draft of the website is near completion. Donna will set up demo for executive in 2 weeks.

Committee Report: Donna Carson

  • 2022 Rally – Donna suggested to have our strategy meeting on Wednesday, January 5, 2022. The plan is to meet at 6:00 for supper followed with discussion of the various committees needed and chairs for each sub-committee.

Trail Report: Brian McHatten

2021 Focus:

  • Union Corner New trail –the last 100 feet of the trail was cleared this month by Brian, John C, Neil and Mike. Kudos to our great team of volunteers. Great work!!
  • Creek Road Bridge –John C posted and reinforced the 2 ATV’s ONLY sign. John C also reported that the landowner has authorized our club clear about 10 feet on both approaches. This authorization is on condition that young saplings are not cut down. John will check with contractor on availability to complete this work prior to winter.
  • Pembroke Trail: Randy, Cathy and their team have fixed the washouts, replaced a culvert back in place, did some grading and ditching and did a fantastic job! Kudos again for this volunteer team!!

Forecast 2022:

  • Pembroke – Newbridge Road major washout – pending government repair June 2022
  • Grading – Grading of (1) Benton to Canterbury and (2) Lindsay to Centerville – Spring 2022
  • Bull Creek Bridge (Cecil Grant) – Will remove the remains of the beaver dam and any other work that needs done in Spring 2022.
  • Union Corner New Trail – Waiting for land owner to bull doze the designated road across their property so trail cam be completed.

Correspondence: Donna Carson 

  • Linda reported that our club received a ‘Thank you” card from the Animal Shelter for a condolence donation.

New Business: John Lawrence

  • Donna opened discussion on the clubs annual donations.
  • A motion was made by Donna and seconded by Brian to send a donation to the Y’s Men Club for continued space availability. Motion carried.
  • Brian made a motion, seconded by Larry to send a donation to the Carleton Animal Shelter. Motion carried.

Next Meeting: No meeting in December. Will resume 7:00 PM January 26, 2022 – Place TBD

Meeting Adjourned:
Linda moved meeting adjourned.