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Board of Directors Meeting
October 27, 2021
Zoom Meeting


Call To Order: John Lawrence

Minutes of last meeting: Donna Carson
Donna submitted the September 29, 2021 minutes to the executive for approval and Linda seconded they be accepted as written.
Motion carried.

Old Business Items:

  • Bridge Span replacement rebate – Linda reported that the $5,000 down payment made to the Town for the bridge expansion study, has been received and the receipt has been returned to the Town.
  • Bob reported that Maine is looking favourable at the proposed Trail Agreement between NB and Maine.
  • John L will be delivering a letter from our club requesting formal feedback from the Woodstock Town Council regarding the proposed pilot program of granting QUAD members access to designated town streets.

Treasurer Report:
Linda McHatten

  • Linda moved and Donna seconded to approve the treasurer report on the Savings and Chequing.  Motion carried.
  • John C. submitted mileage expense.  Brian made a motion, seconded by Debby to pay this expense.  Motion carried.

Web Site Update:
Donna Carson & Debby Thomas
Donna conducted further investigation into the two options for a new web design partner. Donna will move forward with implementation.

Committee Report:

  • 2022 Rally: June 18th, 2022; Debec Community Park; Debec Fire Department/Search & Rescue; Debec Recreation Council
    Donna made a motion to postpone this meeting until the New Year as it is not essential at this time. Seconded by Linda.
    Motion carried.

Trail Report: Brian McHatten

2021 Focus:

  • Union Corner New trail – waiting for Carpenter’s to bull doze the designated road across their property; new culvert installed and roughly 100 feet of the trail needs to be cleared…needs to be scheduled.
  • Bull Creek Bridge (Cecil Grant) – need another attempt to remove remains of the beaver dam. Waiting on Leigh Williams.
  • Creek Road Bridge – project to widen bridge was completed Saturday, 10.23. 2021. Kudos to volunteer and weather co-operated and finished by noon. John C will have 2 signs made to be posted at both ends of the bridge that state ‘ATV’S ONLY’. John C will check in with landowner to get permission to mow down the alders approaching bridge. Once approval is granted, John C will circle back with Sheldon.
  • Pembroke Trail: Randy Brown is hoping to do work on the Pembroke trail on November 8th
  • Washouts: Oak Mountain and below Benton. Below Benton was fixed and local volunteer will be fixing Oak Mountain.

Forecast 2022:

  • Pembroke – McKenna Road major washout – pending government repair June 2022
  • Grading – grading of (1) Benton to Canterbury and (2) Lindsay to Centerville – Spring 2022
  • TIF – New trail infrastructure plans for 2022. Our club have nothing to submit at this juncture.

Correspondence: Donna Carson 

  • PRE THANKSGIVING WEEKEND: Email from federation heightening the awareness of COVID situation with recommendation to postpone any planned rallies/run due to club risk
  • POST THANKSGIVING WEEKEND: Updated email from federation pertaining to current COVID-19 situation in and outside circuit breaker zones
  • Email from federation regarding the November 30, 2021 deadline for submissions to Trail Infrastructure Fund (TIF) for 2022 projects.

New Business:

  • November Election of Officers
    Bi-Law: Nomination and Election of Officers: The President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer shall be elected for terms of two years each at the annual November monthly meeting unless approved by the Board of Directors to extend, with a maximum of 5 years for the President’s position. Elections will be held in even numbered years for the President and Secretary and odd numbered years for the Vice-President and the Treasurer.

Vice President:

  • shall be an advisor, and assist the President in his/her duties;
  • shall be an ex-officio member of all committees;
  • in the absence of the President, or in cases where the President
    cannot act, the Vice-President shall assume the powers and obligations of the President;
  • shall support the President to ensure, within the realm of conducting club business that meetings and events are inclusive and support diversity
  • intent is to step into President position once available, however given circumstances this may not be the case


  • shall be responsible for verifying that any club assets are recorded and accounted for
  • shall be responsible for ensuring that all club’s funds are deposited to a chartered bank or credit union or otherwise secured and accounted for;
  • shall ensure that the club’s financial situation and financial transactions are readily available to the President and Executive;
  • shall be responsible to collate all documentation and ensure all reports required by the NBATV and/or annual government offices are submitted accordingly;
  • shall advise the President in the preparation of the club’s annual budget;
  • shall prepare a treasurer’s report for regular club meetings which includes a copy of the monthly bank statement; as well as summary year-end report;
  • shall coordinate with vendors the sale of club trail passes and manage inventory and distribution of club annual trail pass inventory and federation financial submissions;
  • shall support the President to ensure. within the realm of conducting club business that meetings and events are inclusive and support diversity.

Next Meeting: November 24, 2021 – Place TBD; 7:00 PM

Meeting Adjourned:
Linda moved meeting adjourned.