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Board of Director Meeting

Sept 25, 2023

Y’s Men Club


Call To Order:  Dwayne, President  

Larry approved agenda

Quorum Met:   3 Executive; 3 Directors plus 17 members      

Minutes of last meeting: Donna Carson

Donna read and submitted the August 26, 2023 minutes for approval; Larry seconded.   Motion carried.

Old Business Items:

The Petro gas station in Meductic has agreed to become a vendor for our club.  Linda will reach them for on-boarding.

Nomination Committee still a work in progress.

Treasurer Report:  Linda McHatten

Linda moved and seconded by Patty to approve the treasurer report on the

Savings and Chequing.   Motion carried.   

Vendor update:  

E-transfer and On-line access to Savings and Chequing Accounts

Meeting with bank this week.  Report will come in October.

Note is to make sure that the e-transfer is to be auto deposit without the needs for a password.  There needs to be a process developed and training for the   dealership network to make sure the e-transfer is actually is completed.   

2024 passes will be on sale October 1, 2023 and this will be good for December 2024.  The 2023 passes will be picked up so there is no confusion.  

Trail Pass Update:  600+

Face Book Update:  1163 members

Committee Report:  

FUN FALL RALLY – Wade McLellan reporting

Starting point changed to JT Sports

Run will be approximately 4 hours

Trails marked previously with team

Scavenger hunt with hidden pumpkins and hats for prizes

One pumpkin per unit

No 50/50

Vendors gave other prizes so will sell tickets

E-transfer will use Wade’s email until we have our club’s in play

Dwayne said the parking lot across the JT Sports for additional parking  

Poster has been shared widely

Trail Report: Brian McHatten


Stop signs were replace for the third time at Skiff Lake Road

Brian thanked the volunteers who cleaned up the managed trails after the storm.

The washout below Debec has been repaired

Culverts are in for the Centreville trail  and work should start in October.  It will be announced on Facebook when work begins

QUAD NB notified us that we qualified for the TIF funding so we will be mulching from Route 105 to Carr Siding.  Our contractor has been notified and will begin this project very soon.  All will be announced on FB.

Lots of water on and between Shewan and Carr Siding due to beaver problem and this will get looked after right away.


John will meet with contractor to scope out the potential development behind Luke Flemming this month.

Culvert replacement for the Hodgen Road trail has been approved from the Gas Tax funding and hope to have completed by end of September.

Woodstock to Centreville trail is scheduled to be completed by end of September.

Brian will check into other funding options to finish up culvert replacements identified by DNR.

Gravel will be spread in the culvert area on Hodgson Road once the trail has been trimmed so contractor trucks can get through.

Correspondence: Donna Carson


New Business:  Dwayne Atherton

Region 7 meeting on October 17th held at Masonic Hall in Woodstock.   Our region has two Directors.  Bob Stokes will be finishing his second year.    

Bob Randall has completed his one-year term filling in for previous Director.  

Brian and Wade will be representing out club.

Quarterly Executive Meeting:   Donna gave a report on the executive meeting.

Bob Stokes Report

Congratulated the club winning and participation on the Debec parade.

The Halloween party being held by the Rotary and expecting 1,500-2,000 children and wanted to see if our club would be interested in setting up a scare station.   

October Town of Woodstock Meeting

The intent was misunderstood so we will withdraw.

       Next Meeting: Tuesday, October 24, 2023 – Y’s Men club – 7:00 pm

Moved ahead this month due to Halloween

Meeting Adjourned: Donnie adjourned meeting.