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Board of Director Meeting

April 25, 2023

Y’s Men Club

Call To Order:  Dwayne Atherton, President

Quorum Met:  21 members; 4 executives  

Minutes of last meeting: Donna Carson

Donna read and submitted the March minutes for approval.   Don Calhoun seconded.  Motion carried.

Old Business Items:

Linda provided update that the town is in the process of making their final decision in terms of street access.

Dwayne  stated that the MAINE/NB agreement for free travel between borders is  still a work in progress.  In the meantime our club is working to determine proposed connecting trails on our end.

Dwayne provided update on the AGM

57 NB clubs attended + executive of Quad NB

Off Road was present who advised that in NB they had 15,000 stops, wrote 432 violations.  They have 70 officers in NB of which 70 are trained for ATV off road use; they have 15 breathalysers that they can use as part of the stops.

Our club needs to look at the signs on our trail and Brian explained that in the event we do change out or replace any of our signs we need to add the seasons in which our trails are open.

Technically the STOP signs we see on others property we do not need to stop but best practice is to slow down.  Snowmobile federation may work to replace those STOP signs and replace with SLOW signs in those areas.

They also encourage clubs to make sure we need to sign dangerous or caution areas on our trails

October 6, 7 & 8 is the Annual Jamboree being hosted by Caraquet

A federation bi-law change was changed wording from September to November

Government representatives were present and spoke on the good relationship with the federation and the tourism dollars coming into the province.

The federation VP and Treasurer positions were up for election.  Roy Croft who was filling in on a short-term bases took the next term and Adam Russell will continue for a second terms for Treasurer.

AGM has been voted to stay as a two-day event.

QuadNB is celebrating their 25th anniversary and they are not yet sure what that celebration is going to look like.  However, they do want to recognize, at club level, contractors and someone in each club that has made significant impact to our clubs over the years. Our executive will meet to determine who we would best represent our club.

The federation has asked if our club would be interested in hosting the 2024 Annual Jamboree.  We will look into it once we know the outcome of the Town Council’s decision.

Treasurer Report:  Linda McHatten

Linda moved and seconded by Larry Dyer to approve the treasurer report on the Savings and Chequing.   Motion carried.

A motion was made by Linda and seconded by Donnie Atherton to go to KKP to have cheques issued for our savings account.

Trust Fund Overview:  Linda provided an overview of how our trust fund is managed.  There is no problem in sending our trail maintenance expenses anytime throughout which helps to manage .

Vendor update:  Currently have 8 vendors and trail passes are moving.

Trail Pass Update: No update

Face Book Update:  854 members, reaching for 1,000 in 2023

Face Book Traffic:  There has been a request to sell Quad products on our face book page.  This is a club policy so the executive is to determine what that policy is and bring to committee.

Ad Hoc committee:  Linda advised that the town council is looking to get a vote this evening to determine whether or not street access will go forward.

Committee Report:  Donna Carson, Secretary

– The June 17th rally plans are all tied down.  Just working on collecting prizes and selling raffle tickets for a $500 coupon toward any vehicle tires.

Trail Report: Brian McHatten – No update this month, hitting trails in May.

Grading –  Lindsay to Centerville postponed until Spring 2023.

DNR Trail Maintenance:  The remaining 5 blocks for culverts will be done in Spring 2023.

Pembroke Trail – Brian made a motion and seconded by Jeremy to provide a budget $7,000 to execute Pembroke repairs.  Motion carried.

Correspondence:  Nothing to report this month

New Business:

Dwayne reported that there is a possibility to hold a safety course in Woodstock on August 12, 2023.   It would be hosted from the Y’s Men’s site beginning at 9:30am.   There needs to be a minimum of 4 to 8 registrations to hold the safety course.

NOTE that Parents of Children Under 16

A signed consent form will be required from the parent or legal guardian and they must attend the course with the youngster at all times.  No child will be allowed to ride without written parental consent and without the parent or legal guardian present during the course.  You are responsible for bringing your own protective helmet, protective hear and clothing, food, water, a QUAD (unless you are renting a Quad from Quad NB.

The cost of the course is $100

However, QUAD NB offers the following discounts:

80% rebate for children from the ages 6 to 15 with parent who are members

30% rebate for children from ages to 6 to 15 with non-member parents

50% rebate for QuadNB members

To Register visit www.quadnb.ca

Next Meeting:, Tuesday,  May  30, 2023 – Y’s Men club – 7:00 pm

Meeting Adjourned:  Larry moved meeting adjourned.