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First bumble of the season
Well fellow ATV enthusiasts it is finally here-bumble season. Our first bumble took us to Centreville. It was a beautiful day with temperatures being a bit cool in the morning and 17 degrees by afternoon. I dress in layers for this reason. We have some new comers along with us today and they really do not know what they are in for. Passing by the old Karnes’s Bakery brings back memories of the duck pond and the smell of bread (can you smell the bread)? We bumble along the Meduxnekeag River crossing the ATV/Snowmobile bridge and enter what reminds me of a train tunnel except you can look up you see the open skies. The high walls of ledge are covered with luscious green moss with water trickling from the crevices in the rocks and trees growing in through the rocks. We stop at the Lindsay Warming Hut to stretch our legs and of course the guys are telling stories (what they do best). We bumble on past some dead waters where we see the occasional duck or two and on past Deerville. I am starting to get a little hungry so we will bumble onto Lakeville where we will stop for lunch. We see a Blue Heron in flight-What a beautiful bird! Before we stop to eat what should appear in the sky but three ospreys circling the nest, one with a fish in its mouth. These are very majestic birds. At Lakeville we pull off the trail at the park to have lunch. It was so relaxing and nice to see everyone sitting around in lawn chairs and enjoying each others company. After lunch we bumble on towards Centreville stopping at a spot where a large culvert under the rail bed is the sight of beautiful waterfalls. The sound of the water rushing over the rocks is music to my ears. I could sit here all day but the trail home calls me away. Returning home we stop at the warming hut for a cup of hot tea (compliments of Marlene) and Ruth’s molasses cookies. It was a great bumble with many more to come. I will be spending the next few weeks helping prepare for River Valley ATV Club’s Rally taking place June 18. Proceeds from the rally will go the Evan Graham Scholarship and the Canterbury’s Food Project. Hope to see you there. HAPPY TRAILS