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With only four weeks left to our ATV season all I can say is what a great season we have had even with the pandemic. The mornings have been a bit cooler but we bundle up in layers and usually by noon we are taking our jackets off.  As we bumble along the trails the first thing I notice is the trees have shed most of their leaves which has formed a carpet of many colors. The needles from the larch tree also known as tamarack have turned yellow and starting to fall off. There is an abundance of apples along the trails. Great for the partridge and an abundance of cranberries still hanging on the leafless bushes.

Sarah (our granddaughter) is home from university for the fall break and wishes to go on a bumble. The day starts with the most beautiful sunrise but as the morning goes on it becomes overcast .We unload our buggies and head toward the trails leaving all our worries and cares at home. As we travel along the trail the leaves are dancing behind us as if they are welcoming us to their world of nature. Taking a trail off the managed trail we stop for lunch. What is that I hear? The water gushing over the rocks at Eel River Falls is so calming and what better way to spend lunch time then listening to this sound.

“OH THAT SMELL!”-Yes you guessed right -hot dogs and onions cooking-the best way to enjoy hotdogs is outdoors on the trail. I sure enjoyed my hot tomato soup on this cool day. It was hard to get out of the lawn chairs –as it seemed like Debra, Joanne and myself may be ready for a nap. Listening to the waterfalls and a full belly seemed to do that to us. We packed up and continued on the trail to Scott Siding where we head to some woods trails.  This eventually takes us back to Benton. Here we stop to enjoy the dam. There has been so much rain this season that the dam has been over flowing with water. The water was like a mirror today. I have been seeing an eagle here but today do not seem him. I was a little disappointed as they are so much fun to watch.

It has been a great day for us all. Loading up our buggies on the trailers we return to reality. Bidding everyone good bye until the next bumble I head for home. Until next month folks-BE SAFE