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Town of Woodstock
824 Main Street,
Woodstock, NB
E7M 2E8

November 9th, 2022

Off Road Vehicle Pilot Project Completed

Woodstock, NB— As of November 9th, 2022 the Off-Road Pilot Project within the Town of Woodstock has been completed. Council rescinded the bylaw to complete the closure of the pilot project at the November 8th council meeting. All off road vehicles will not permitted on the streets.

The committee will review the collected data from the pilot project and will be making a recommendation to council in the spring of 2023. There will be an opportunity for public feedback in the new year.

Councillor Trina Jones states it’s important that the committee takes as much time as necessary to consider the viability of the by-law long term and to review changes, such as a seasonal restriction, and restrictions on time of day that ATV’s are allowed to access designated streets.
As with any pilot project, the intention was to test it on a small scale before considering whether to make it permanent. The ATV/ORV committee unanimously agreed to rescind the by-law. I do believe the committee understands that it must stay committed to doing the necessary homework before making any recommendations to a future Council in the spring.