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Board of Directors
June 30, 2021
Zoom Meeting


Call To Order: John L. President called the meeting to order’ agenda accepted.

Quorum Met: 3 Executive plus two Board Members.

Minutes of last meeting: Donna submitted and seconded by Linda, that the May 25, 2021 minutes be approved as read. Motion carried.

Old Business Items:
Club Logo/decals – Donna made a motion seconded by Linda to accept the new creative, motion carried. Donna made a motion and seconded by Linda to print 400. Donna will secure two quotes.

Gas Tax Fund – (GTF). John L. said that 5M didn’t get approved, however the 2.5m approved and River Valley Project was approved.

Treasurers Report: Linda moved and John C. seconded to approve the treasurer report on the savings and chequing. Motion carried.

2022 New Passes: – available November 1st,2021, they can be distributed earlier , however not to be sold until November 1st; club paymenys are to be paid on a quarterly bases going forward in order to remain in good standing with the federation; intent is to keep status quo for another year.

Committee Report: Donna –┬áNothing to report at this time.

Trail Report: Brian
Current Focus: Pending
Pembroke new washout – pending completion mid to late June.
Pembroke – 4 washouts & culverts required to be scheduled now that it is drier.

Debec Bridge is completed and Leigh has cleaned up beavers so all dried up.

Creek Road Bridge – still pending (holes on bridge have been patched; bridge needs to be rebuilt and widened. target end of June for a full day work project. scope of work to be to be
determined by Brian and John).

New trail development to by-pass – pending- John C contacted Greg Carpenter and he suggested to lay out the trail and use it and Greg will adjust with actual bulldozing in the fall if needed. He wants to work with us to keep the costs down.

The connector/by-pass on Flemming’s property, which is across the road from Greg’s needs to determine the scope of that leg. Discovery trip to be July 7th at 9:00am and also scope
out the work Creek Road requirements.

The grading of Benton to Canterbury and Lindsay to Centreville; Sheldon is scheduled over the next two weeks. Pre-budget approved as the norm.

New Business: Nothing at this time.

Correspondence: Donna and John
E-mail received from Federation Office on proof of insurance. The one that says “Travelers” on the first sheet was for the Directors & Officers insurance policy. It is for all the Club Directors and officers. The Lloyd’s insurance policy is the commercial General Liability Insurance. The complete copy is for the Region Directors and the clubs. The partial copy with the blacked out premiums is for any 3rd party such as property owners or companies wo ask for a proof of insurance.

Email received from Jim McGregor regarding ATV Safety week and his posts that were posted the following 10 weeks. Vision is to make this year the best for safety training and he encouraged everyone to share the posts.

Email received from Federation office (Jacques Ouellette) regarding government funding program. A new 2 year federal funding program including a trail improvements component.
The program managers will include the necessary equipment to improve our product other than the snow groomers. This includes a groomer, tractor, excavator, dozer, grader, trailer, etc. In short, everything that is mechanical and/or that is used to work on the trails to improve them. All requests are to be submitted to the Federation office and will be administered by them.

John L. discussed recent emails he has received from membership regarding where people could stay or eat. Another one that was alarming pertained to the Med Trail System – walkers blocking with our trail, so one of our members towed the car off into the ditch and then chewed out the Federation.

Big and Little organization want to have an opportunity for the children to bond so wanted to see if they could work at a rally such as the prep work versus bbq. We need to be mindful of confidentially such as not taking pictures. John will be retiring from this organization this August.

John L. will check in with the Y’s Men’s Club on re-opening and then rotating bases in terms of location.

Bob Stokes provided provincial updates and advised QUADNB is looking at holding a Premier of some runs this summer. Our club should be next to have our trails mapped in Juky with DNR.

Brian provided an update on the use of Woodstock town roads to access gas and restaurants. Town Council approval still pending for a trial period.

Next Meeting: July 28th, 2021 Zoom Meeting; 7:00 pm

MEETING ADOURNED: Linda moved meeting adjourned.