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Board of Director Meeting

October 25, 2022

Y’s Men Club



Call To Order: Donna as Secretary chair

Quorum Met: 14

Minutes of last meeting:  No meeting in September

Donna read and submitted and John seconded the motion that the August 30, 2022 minutes be approved as read.  Motion carried.

Old Business Items:

November Executive Elections – Review Voting Protocol

By-laws, section Article 111:  Members reads…

Regular Membership – any person who joins the club by purchasing a NBATVF QUAD trail permit is a member for the duration of the year of the permit and has voting privileges at public monthly Board meetings.

Associate Membership: any person wishing to secure voting rights at public monthly Board meetings, who have not purchased a trail permit, may purchase an Associate Membership for the calendar year for a price of $1.00.

November Executive Elections – Nominations

The nominating Committee (John C and Larry D) made the following nominees:

President:  Dwayne Atherton – Secretary Donna called three times for any other new nominations.   It was moved and seconded that nominations cease.  Dwayne accepted the position.

Vice President:  John Carson nominated for one-year term – Secretary Donna called three times for any other new nominations.   It was moved and seconded that nominations cease.  John accepted the position for a one-year.

Secretary:  Donna agreed to remain in the secretary position until another nominee is determined.    

Region 7 meeting: The meeting was held on Tuesday, September 27, Brian and John C provided highlights.

There is a 180K in the Trail infrastructure Fund (TIF).  Bob Stokes reported that there has been virtually no applications submitted as of a week ago.  He recently submitted applications for Millville, York North and Skadaddle also just applied for funding.  This is a 50/50 cost sharing program.  In the Millville case, 3 snowmobiles are donating to their project as well.     Closing date for application is within two weeks.

Part of the equation for Trust fund monies is based on the number of km we have and maintain so our new trail of 42 km will be included.

2022 jamboree was held in Hillsboro in October and feedback was that it was very rocky. Caraquet will host 2023 jamboree.  Date yet to be established.    

Federation Bi-law changes need to be submitted within 90 days prior .  

 Bob Stokes has been re-elected as director for our Region 7 north district.  The director for the south district of Region 7 is Bob Randall (President of Nackawic club).  Bob will be covering this position for one year to cover Adam Russell’s term, who has moved into federation treasurer position.   

There are 9 Trail Heads approved in NB and each has been allocated 200K for development. Region 7 trail heads are located in Nackawic and Perth.   

 Membership Communication:  Discussion was had to set up a mass email distribution for River Valley membership to address those who don’t use social media. Donna will work with the federation in creating this list and report back next month.   UPDATE:  Work in progress. Access to all Club 50 members with email addresses has been completed.  Next step is to build an email distribution list to be used for sending club updates.  

Treasurer Report:  Linda McHatten

Linda moved and seconded by Larry to approve the treasurer report on the Savings and Chequing.  Motion carried.  

Vendor Update:  Linda reported that Corey Recreation is a new vendor for our club brining us up to 8 locations.   Linda raised the interest to do something to show our appreciation.  

Discussion on adding vendor logos to web site; also list once every 8- week schedule.   More discussion on other ways to show appreciation.    

All 2023 passes have been distributed as of September 29, 2023.

Trail Passes:  Approximately 575 which continues to grow.

Face Book Membership: Approximately 720 members.  Dwayne will also be added as administrator along with Linda.  

Committee Report:  Donna Carson

No reports

Trail Report: Brian McHatten

FYI: Shaw Creek Federation office reported the start up meeting with the successful bidder was held on the Shaw Creek Culvert project.  The culvert is being removed, the riverbed restored to its natural state and a bridge is being installed for safe crossing of the watercourse.

Construction on-going with expected completion November 30th.  2022.

New Culverts: No new culverts are needed at this time.   

Union Corner New trail – Contractor has been contacted to bulldoze one section however it is too wet to work; will be scheduled once dried up; tentative late June.  Carpenters will bulldoze the designated road across their property to connect the new trail.  COMPLETED

Grading –  Lindsay to Centerville has not been completed and  may be postponed until 2023.

DNR Trail Maintenance:  DNR recently conducted an inspection of our trail between Centerville to Woodstock.  There were 2 blocks identified with 10 spots in total.   Today 4 items of block 1 were taken care of which involved work on culverts and beaver dams with the last item being to haul 12-15 loads of gravel.  The second block also involves gravel and culvert work.  This work needs to be completed next spring before we can move forward with other trail grading work.    

Lindsay to McBride Road:  An agreement has been establish with the local snowmobile club to jointly work on the trail.  Our club will look after Lindsay to the 560 and the snowmobile will take on Redbridge to other side of Lindsay. This will involve grading, ditching, etc.   

Budget Increase: Brian made a motion and seconded by Dwayne, that due to increase of work required based on DNR request, his budget for our contractor work be increased from 5K to 10K.  Motion carried.   

Culvert between Hodgdon and Cosman Road is blocked and needs special attention to get it released.   Brian will investigate and get a team together to work on it.  This is once again a problem with persons removing grates.  

Correspondence:   Email from Robert Stokes stating that there may be an opportunity to access funds in the TIF program with proposed projects.  Deadline is October 31st.   

Agreement was made for our club to submit an application to replace the Mudexnkeg bridge floor.   Brian and John will discuss the scope of this project and we will submit the application.   Submission is to include a contractor quote, waypoints and a picture of the existing situation with the application.   

New Business:  Bob Stokes provided the following update:

The ‘Bike Rider Association’ agreement is still pending.  It has also been reinforced that their association needs to contact and establish separate landowner agreements.  Their association are covered by our liability with trail passes being the same cost to membership.   

Maine & CAA is still pending

The ATV and snowmobiling associations have demonstrated a real interest to work together for the greater good of all in terms of trail maintenance

Lawn enforcement is still a concern provincially.  The government has combined resources to create the ‘Public Safety Off Road Enforcement Branch’, which will take us provincially from 12 to 41 resources to monitor our trail traffic users.   

Woodstock Pilot program expires on October 31st.  Pending decision for go forward strategy.  

Rotary is hosting the 2022 ‘Halloween Scare Stations’ and need to have a couple of 4-seater quads that could help with physically challenged children that may be able to get on the wagon.   Members who are interested will contact Bob directly.   They anticipate 1,200 children.

There was a motion by Linda and seconded by Brian that our club donate $100 to the Rotary Club towards the cost of the treats.  Motion carried.

Next Meeting:, Tuesday,  November 29, 2022 – Y’s Men club – 7:00 pm

Meeting Adjourned:  Dwayne moved meeting adjourned.